Saturday, January 14, 2017

Qwirkle, Our New Favorite Math Station Game!

Qwirkle. It's such a great word to say and such a FUN game to play!! We've been using Qwirkle from MindWare all year in our math stations. By now you might be asking, what is Qwirkle??!  It's a game that helps my students with their colors and shapes! It's like playing Dominos + Scrabble combined!

Qwirkle requires players to match the tiles by shape or color. You can match a tile if it is the same color OR if it is the same shape. You can score points, but my students love just playing and matching! I love watching them figure out where a tile should go and have discussions on why a tile fits or doesn't fit in a certain spot. (Great for questioning and discussion!!)

Qwirkle comes neatly packed in its box. Once you open it up, you find all the colored tiles and a bag to store them in! We keep the bag in one of our math station drawers. My students love grabbing this game to play during math stations, and I love that they are learning strategy while practicing colors and shapes!

I highly recommend adding Qwirkle to your math station rotations! Your students will thank you! It would also be a great game to play at home with your family!! (It comes in a travel size too!!!)
*I was provided this product from MindWare for review purposes, but all opinions expressed are mine.