Sunday, April 2, 2017

Using Play-Doh Playsets in the Classroom!

Using Play-Doh Playsets in the Classroom

I was obsessed with Play-Doh as a child, so I love using it in my classroom too!! Recently I was given the opportunity to try out two new Play-Doh Playsets in my classroom. I received Play-Doh Letters and Language and Play-Doh Colors and Shapes. One thing I did when I received my sets was to laminate the mats that were included. Since I plan on using these year after year, laminating was the best option to prevent wear and tear!

Using Play-Doh Playsets in the Classroom

Each set came with small containers of Play-Doh. I was fortunate enough to also receive extra regular-sized containers as well. I'd recommend getting a few of the regular-sized containers so that there's more Play-Doh to go around when students use these!

Letters & Language: This set is perfect for word work and alphabet activities!! My students made quick work of figuring out how to make small circles with the hollowed out rolling pin and then stamping to make letters.
Using Play-Doh Playsets in the Classroom
The letter stampers are also great because we can spell sight words, CVC words, and CVCe words which we're always working on during our word work station.

Shapes & Colors: This set is a great addition to our math stations and games. My students also use this one during our center playtime at the end of the day. I'm a bit obsessive about colors getting mixed, so we don't always have all the colors out to match each object on these mats. My students never seem to mind though! (Sorry about the glare, but like I said, I laminated the mats which has really kept them in great shape!)
My favorite part of this set is the pattern mat. This is a skill that is no longer part of our Kindergarten standards, but I still feel is so important to learn! I always work in pattern activities whenever possible, so I love that this pattern mat allows one more way for my students to play with patterns. Just check out that ABC pattern one of my students made!!

I've always been a big fan of using Play-Doh in my classroom, and I'm glad I was introduced to these playsets as another way to use our Play-Doh! Now you have the chance to WIN TWO Play-Doh Playsets for your own classroom! Enter using the options below for your chance to WIN! {For shipping reasons, winner must live in the United States, sorry!}

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