Monday, May 30, 2016

End of the Year Beach Week

Every year during the last week of school, we have fun, themed days - art day, movie day, reading day, outdoor play day, etc. A couple years ago I took it to another level and started doing a camping theme for the entire week. I had a HUGE tent up that took up my whole rug, we made s'mores, read by flashlight, and so on... Well, the tent was old and sadly wasn't going to last another year. So, as the end of the year started approaching, I began searching Pinterest for new ideas! That is how planning for BEACH WEEK began!

For the past couple weeks, I've been slowly gathering items for our beach week. All of these came from Dollar Tree and Five Below. The kids can sit in the inflatable pool while they read, play a game, or watch a movie... (but definitely not putting water in it!) Each student will get a flower lei and cup to use during the week. I also found straws with umbrellas on them! I'm going to put our snacks in the sand pails and frisbees. Last, but not least, I'm completely obsessed with the fruit pillow cushions I found at Five Below!!!
beach week in the classroom beach week in the classroom
snack holders for beach week
fruit pillow cushions

I sent home a note to my families with details about each day. I'm really excited to have an excuse to wear flip flops!!! Click HERE to grab an editable version of this note!
beach week

Since brag tags are a big deal in my class, my students definitely need a tag to go with this themed week! (We'll be turning our brag tag keychains into necklaces during the last week of school so they will be excited to add another tag to their collection!) Don't know what brag tags are? Read my post here.

Grab these FREE beach tags HERE!

Don't miss the "School's Out for Summer" brag tag freebie in my store, too! See them HERE.