Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Fun!

If you don't already know this, I live in Florida. So I'm sitting over here saying "Winter, what's winter??" My students are probably thinking the same thing! Every January I try and explain winter to my kiddos. Usually I have a student or two who has visited or has relatives who live someplace cold. A few of them will even let me know they've seen snow! With all that being said, I try to make our "winter" in Florida a fun one because they aren't really getting the full winter experience by living here.

This winter, I went a little craft crazy! We had several rainy days over the last 3 weeks where we were stuck inside. If that had been snow, we could've at least gone outside and played in it! But rain, yuck!

After reading The Mitten, we decorated our own little mittens...just for fun! I found these on clearance at Target and figured I'd just put them away for a rainy day. My plan worked out! They had a grand 'ol time coloring with markers and adding glitter!

Next up was drawing, coloring, and using watercolors to make snowglobe pictures! I found this activity from First Grade Blue Skies. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun the children had creating their snowglobe image and then painting it! We did the writing page that's included that says "In my snowglobe, I see..." and I attached it to their cutout snowglobe. (Of course, I don't have much space to hang things so I'm still working on getting them hung up and then I'll take a photo of the finished products!)
Tacky the Penguin is one of my favorite books to read each winter! I've had this little craft in my files since I was student teaching, and I use it every year! The children create their own Tacky with a variety of pieces. Then, we add a little white paint with a sponge. I always jazz it up with some silver glitter at the end!

If you're still having some winter fun, check out my Winter Teaching Resources board on Pinterest for more great ideas!

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