Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream!

The challenge this week...

Linking up with the lovely ladies of the TpT Seller Challenge!
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I'll let you in on a little secret... I'm a money saver. It's just who I am! I love finding good deals and getting bargains. It takes a lot for me to press the 'submit order' button when ordering online because I just don't like seeing money leave! I love that TpT is allowing me to not feel as anxious when I need or want to spend money on things!

Pay off student loans: I can actually say that I've already done the first thing on the list! I just got the email today with my "Payment Fulfilled" notice!!! The reason I was able to finish paying off my loans 3 years ahead of time? TPT!!! Every month I paid extra on top of my regular payment. It feels really good to take that off of my monthly bills list!

Visit friends and family: Another dream of mine is that TpT will give me the opportunity to travel more and visit with friends and family! My hubby just started a new job which will have him traveling sometimes. I'd love to be able to pick up and go with him, but my travel expenses won't be covered like his. I also want to start visiting more of my bloggy buddies each year! Part of this dream will be a reality once I get to Vegas in July for the conference! Then, my hubby and I are heading to Reno to visit with his aunt and uncle!

House renovations: We've been in our house for about 3 years now, and there's always something that needs to be done! We still want to redo our kitchen, front yard & driveway, clear out the backyard, and expand our master bedroom to add on an office for my hubby. I've been binge watching House Hunters Renovation this summer, and it gets me excited to do some of these projects (well, not me personally but hiring people who know what they are doing!). But, I also know how the money will add up with projects like these. I'm going to dream BIG and know that one day it'll all get done and I'll be able to thank TpT for helping me!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my dreams! Don't forget to head to the blogs linked up above and read more dreams! Feel free to share a dream of yours in the comments!!


  1. Sounds similar to my goals! I hope you attain them soon!

    Sparkling in Second

  2. Congrats on paying off your student loans!! That's my goal too! :)

    Pink Polka Dots and Pre-K

  3. LOVE your goals!!! I was wondering if you had anyone to switch your product with for the Week 3 TPT Challenge? I would love to trade with you!!! My email is Thanks!