Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Stock Up!

Happy Summer everyone!!! I'll be honest...I'm really not even thinking about next school year and I'm just trying to enjoy my summer! But, I have joined The Primary Gal for her fabulous Summer Stock Up because I just can't help it! I'm going to tell you about my favorite sight word practice pages and you can even grab a sample over on my Facebook page you can get exclusive sampler pages down below!

One of the things I love about Kindergarten is teaching the kiddos how to read! Sight words are always a big part of my classroom... but sometimes I find it hard to fit in sight word work during our busy mornings! I know, I know...we're technically always working on sight word practice when we're reading and writing, but when it comes to introducing new words each week and getting time to work with those words, I feel like I'm coming up short sometimes!

That is how the idea for my Read-Trace-Write-Glue sight word sentences came about! I needed something that would focus on our weekly sight words that we could use [quickly] each week. These pages are GREAT for quick morning work. We usually do 2 or 3 of them every week! As the students are working, I'll walk around and ask them to read the sentence to me. It's a quick and easy way to practice our new words (and review old words). It also gives me a snapshot of who's getting it (and who might need more practice)!

Another thing I love about these pages is that they are an easy way to remind students about using picture clues when reading. Don't know the last word in the sentence? Use the picture on the page to help!

Oh wait, there's another thing I love about these pages....Handwriting practice!!! There's never enough time to practice letter formation and handwriting anymore. I love being able to sneak it in whenever I can! These pages are a great way to do just that!

Check out the way we're leaving finger spaces between our words!!! Every little bit of writing practice helps!

These sentences were such a hit in my classroom that I wanted more! (Because 100 sight word sentences just isn't enough!) Spring and Summer sentences were created this past year!
(Fall, Winter, and more Dolch sight words are coming soon!)
With all of these sentences flying around, I decided to bundle them up and offer them in a growing bundle (which means that you can buy it now at a lower price because the price will increase each time a new set is added).

Since the Summer Stock Up event is over, I'd still like to offer you this exclusive sampler. You'll only find it here on my blog!
Click HERE to get it!

Don't forget to check out all the great products and ideas you can learn about through the Summer Stock Up! Click on the image below to find more!

Remember to head over to Facebook to grab a FREEBIE sample of my Read-Trace-Write-Glue Sight Word Sentences!! Just click on the "Summer Stock Up" tab!

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