Friday, June 26, 2015

Math Strategies You Can COUNT On!

I'm super excited to be teaming up today with The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Teacher Laura, and Bonnie Kathryn Kinders & Beyond! We're giving you some great math strategies and fun learning activities for numeracy, counting, and more!

Confession time ... Math is just not my favorite subject to teach. It wasn't my favorite to learn about when I was in school either! With that being said, I try to make math as fun as possible in my classroom so hopefully my kiddos will find a love for math and make a connection with it! Check out some games and activities I use in my classroom to help students practice their counting skills and one-to-one correspondence while also having fun!!

Puzzle Pieces & Way to Show Numbers
I love this activity because it allows students to practice their fine motor and puzzle skills while working on an important math concept!

Grab a puzzle from the dollar store and put it together! I broke mine up into sections of 4, but you can use as many pieces as you want for each number (just depends on your students and how many ways you want to show the numbers).

On the back of the puzzle pieces, write a number and different ways to show that number. Since this puzzle broke up into 6 sections, I decided to use numbers 5-10. I also kept all the ways to show numbers the same (numeral, tallies, dots, and ten frame).
I color coded my pieces so that the students can self check. As they get better at this activity (or to challenge higher level learners), you can make a new set and write everything in one color.

Store the pieces in a container and let the students start matching! You can mix together several puzzles or keep them all separate.

After students are successful with ways to show numbers puzzles, have them show it on paper! We use these printables of mine to show numbers in different ways, and then they glue it into their math notebook.
Ways to make numbers using printables

We also use these posters when we're working on this concept!
I enlarged a blank page from my poster pack, laminated it first, then taped the two pages together to make it a big, dry erase poster! I have the students model different ways to show numbers on this one. I hang up the color posters in my math station area so students can refer back to each number, if needed!
Ways to make numbers using printables and modeling with postersWays to make numbers using printables and modeling with posters

Counting on a Pie Chart
This activity helps students practice their one-to-one correspondence! It's also super easy to make! I grabbed a template from here. Then I put it into PowerPoint so I could enlarge it, printed it, and traced it to make the lines darker! This way I can make as many as I want with different amounts of spaces.

You can draw pictures or make it simple and just use stickers!

Write the numbers on clothespins. I color coded mine so students could self check when they finish. I just made a small dot on the back of the matching color.

 I also laminated mine to make it stronger.
(You could also print on cardstock so it won't be as flimsy.)
Counting with Food!
I love food, and I know my students do too! I try to bring food into activities whenever I can because it's always a big hit (and then we can snack on the leftovers!)

Just grab a muffin tin or counting mats plus any small food item and you have an activity ready to go!

Get a muffin tin and liners. Write numbers on the liners and put them into the tin. Grab a small food item and have the kiddos start counting! Another great way to practice one-to-one correspondence.

When we work with food, I always tell my students that once I check their work, they can eat it!

We love using seasonal sorting/counting mats to practice our counting, too!
(And eating the yummy leftovers!!)

Want some more math strategies you can COUNT on?!
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  1. I just made the pie chart one to use with my students next year, but I did it on power point with clipart. I also made an ABC matching one.

    1. Great idea Erin!!! Hope you and the baby are doing well! :)

  2. Love these ideas, Name Twin!!!
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