Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Trade & Grade!

I'm so excited to be sharing an absolutely amazing Arctic pack with you today!!
Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden created everything you need for a unit study on The Arctic with her All About the Arctic pack. My Kinders and I dug into this pack, and I have the pictures to prove it!!

We started the week by using the PowerPoint which is full of photographs and facts about every Arctic animal you could think of! I also printed a few of these pages to hang up around the room.

We focused on polar bears for a few days, but everything you see here for polar bears is also in this pack for the 17 other Arctic animals!!
Together, we made this graphic organizer with everything we had learned so far about polar bears.

 Then we got to writing!! I have never seen my students so focused and engaged. They went to work right away filling in the bubble map with all the facts they had learned.

The next day, we took out our bubble maps and wrote three facts (using full sentences!) on the "All About Polar Bears" page. I was so proud of their writing! We've really been struggling with writing this year. Having the bubble map as a planning page and then writing the facts really helped my students gather their thoughts and form sentences.
This pack has the perfect pages to help young students with nonfiction writing!!

There's more than just printables in this pack!
Real-life photographs of the 18 different Arctic animals are also included in this pack.
I hung these up around the room to go along with the polar animals write the room that I have up right now.

Don't miss out on this awesome resource for your Arctic unit!
Also included in this pack are KWL printables and anchor chart header cards, "are, can, have" printables, animal name cards for anchor charts, and a nonfiction book about all the Arctic animals.
See the full pack {here}!!

Grab a sample of this fantastic pack by clicking {here} or on the image below.

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