Sunday, November 22, 2015

All I Want for Black Friday!

It's my favorite time of year! I do love shopping and getting good deals, but more than that, I LOVE Thanksgiving and the holiday season!
Today, The Primary Pack is kicking off the holiday season by bringing you our personal and TpT wishlists, products we think would be great for your TpT wishlist, plus a BIG giveaway!!

I put a few hot items on my own personal wishlist this year. I tried to think of things that I have and want another of, but probably wouldn't buy for myself right now.
(But, if my hubby sees this and wants to then I'm good with that!)
I have one pair of Tieks and just like everyone says, they are very, very comfortable! I'd like another pair, but I keep telling myself to wait until after winter... (Not like it really gets all that cold here in Florida!)

We have a Fire Stick on our main TV, but I recently got a small TV for my office. I don't need to pay for a cable hookup and DVR in this room, but having a 2nd Fire Stick would certainly do the trick! I'm hoping these go on sale during Amazon's Black Friday sales!!

Oh Alex & Ani... I buy these bracelets all the time, but I need to slow down! I do love how easy it is to wishlist these bracelets, though! Hubby: "What do you want for your birthday?" Me: "Just pick out an Alex & Ani from my wishlist!" Hubby: "What do you want to Chanukah?" Me: "Just pick out another Alex & Ani from my wishlist!" The perfect little gift!!

I know I'm not the only one with an overflowing TpT wishlist!! I'd love to hear what's on yours! (Leave me a comment!)

Classroom Products:

Writing Stations through the Year Bundle by A Smiling Teacher: I love these writing stations! We used the December pack last year, and I was hooked! Now it's time for me to get the rest of the year so I can easily have a writing station all set up for each month!

Listen Up 3 by Fluttering Through First Grade: I have the other 2 Listen Up packs from these ladies, and I absolutely LOVE these activities!! We do one of these a week in my class. These packs are a must-have to help with listening and following directions!

Shapes No Prep Activities by United Teaching: Oh shapes, I love teaching and learning about shapes! This pack just looks like TONS of great shape activities for morning work, homework, and math stations! I'm thinking it's going to be a must-have!!

WH- Questions No Prep Activities by Primary Punch: I have several students in my class this year with language delays. I've been eyeing this WH- questions pack because I know it would be super helpful for those kiddos!


Transportation by Whimsy Clips and Family by Educlips
I have plans for both of these packs!! These are on my wishlist, but will be in my cart soon!
(*Hint* Some new write the room activities will be coming your way soon!)

*Brag Tags!* These are 3 of my favorite packs of brag tags!
Want to learn more about brag tags? Read more HERE!

Brag Tags for Academics: The tags in this pack focus mainly on letters and numbers. I'm constantly using tags from this pack to give to my students once they know all of their letter/vowel sounds or can count or write to a certain number.

Homework Brag Tags: I award these tags to students each month when they complete all of their homework. It is such an incentive and really helps with homework completion!

Holiday Brag Tags: This pack has tags for 20 holidays and 4 seasons. This pack allows me to give all of my students a tag! If they haven't earned a homework, behavior, or academic tag in awhile, they can still get a holiday tag to add to their collection and remind them to keep trying to earn more tags!

Winter Graphic Organizers: These tree map graphic organizers are a great way to help your students respond to nonfiction text and organize their thoughts for writing. They are differentiated to meet the needs of your learners and come with anchor chart cards to make a whole group graphic organizer, too!

Read-Trace-Write-Glue Sentence - A Growing Bundle: These sentences are my favorite to use for morning work! They help with sentence structure, handwriting, sight word reading, and fine motor! So far, this bundle contains my [Fry] sight word sentences plus fall, spring, and summer sentences. Winter sentences will be added soon as well as Dolch word sentences (which will be exclusive to this growing bundle-not a separate pack in my store!)

Write the Room Bundle: My write the room bundle has ALL 29 of my write the room activities at a HUGE discount!! (*cough*50% OFF*cough*) Remember the clipart I mentioned above that I'd be buying soon? Well, I'll be making 2 more activities and adding them to the bundle soon. Better grab it now!

Drum roll please.... Check out this HUGE giveaway package you can win by entering below! There is a resource from almost everyone in The Primary Pack, perfect for all primary grades!! Good luck friends, and happy shopping!

Now It's Your Turn To Join The Fun! 

Just a few rules to follow and you're on your way:

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2. Add your personal holiday wishlist to the image titled "My Personal Black Friday Wishlist"
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Obsession with Trashy Crafter!

Have you heard of Trashy Crafter? Well, after this blog post you will know all about this great little company and how I became obsessed with their jewelry!

Trashy Crafter started 5 years ago... Kim and her mom Helen were in a local thrift store and noticed that they had to throw away hundreds of damaged or outdated books. Rather than having those books just sit in a landfill, they gathered them up and took them home while trying to think of ways to reuse them. Kim remembered learning how to roll paper beads from her 3rd grade teacher! (See teachers? We really DO make a difference in so many ways!) Kim and her mom started rolling book beads that night and haven't looked back!

Now Kim, her boyfriend Dave, and her mom are busy enjoying their little business making tons of recycled jewelry! Kim's dog even joins in on the fun! You can find lots of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and lanyards in their shop from over 50 different books...and you can even request custom orders!

I heard of Trashy Crafter over a year ago after seeing many of my blogger friends wearing their cute bracelets. After following Trashy Crafter for awhile on Instagram, I decided it was time to make my first purchase. I told my hubby that I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday and that I would take care of it! I emailed with Kim (Ms. Trashy Crafter herself!) about the sizing I would need for the bracelets to fit my teeny wrist and was super excited when my Wizard of Oz bracelets arrived...they fit perfectly!

Kim's wonderful customer service, innovative idea, and super cute packaging had me hooked! When one set of bracelets wasn't enough, I asked my parents for another set as a holiday gift last year. Again, Kim and her amazing customer service made it so that the bracelets would fit my little wrist!

So, that's how my collection went from 1 set of bracelets and earrings... to 2!
The bracelets on the left are made with book beads from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (one of my favorites!) and the bracelets on the right are made from the Wizard of Oz.

When I noticed that Trashy Crafter was now making stud earrings, I was very anxious to get my hands on a pair! I'm more of a post/stud earring kind of girl. Even though I enjoyed the hanging book bead earrings, my little ears couldn't handle wearing those every day.

I got my hands on a pair of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish earrings that I knew I could wear with lots of my clothing! They are SO lightweight and comfortable that I forget I'm wearing earrings. I get compliments all the time and have to touch my ears to remember that I'm wearing them!

I'm just a walking advertisement for Trashy Crafter when I wear my earrings, lanyard, and bracelets (couldn't get those in the pic!)
I got the lanyard for my ID when I attended the TpT conference in Vegas. I'm so happy I did because now I have something extra special to use with my teacher ID that I must wear every day!

I love knowing who I'm buying from and supporting creative people. I'm very happy to have found a great source for neat jewelry. So many books, so many beads, so much fun! Who wouldn't want to support this?! Great for yourself or for gifts!

Click on the image below to check out their shop!

Use the promo code "booklover" to get an extra special discount just for reading this blog post!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oh Snap, It's Almost October!

Hi friends!! I can't believe we're halfway through September! I feel like I have barely gotten into my September files ... but let's take a look at some great activities for you to try out in October!

Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a child, so I try to do lots of Halloween-themed activities in my classroom when I can!

There are lots of printables in my Halloween print and go pack. All you have to do is print and GO! Zero prep! I love using these for morning work or early finishers. There are also some good pages to use for homework. 

 This is a game that I have my students use during our literacy stations. They match up the pictures, read the words, and then record them on their page. It's a great way to practice sight words with a Halloween theme!

Write the room activities are my favorite! I love that it gets the kiddos up and moving while they are practicing handwriting and learning new vocabulary. This pack has differentiated recording pages to meet the needs of all of your learners! 

I love using graphic organizers to help my kiddos start their writing. This nocturnal animals pack has tree map organizers for bats, raccoons, owls, and foxes.
Anchor chart cards are also included so you can make a whole group graphic organizer.

Want to try out my tree map graphic organizers for FREE?
Grab my SPIDERS tree map graphic organizers to test out in your classroom!

Make sure you head on over to Teacher Deals and Dollar Steals to find more awesome October products!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

GoNoodle Blogger Blitz!

Do you GoNoodle? We sure do!!! I introduced GoNoodle on the first day of school this year! (I really need a brain break!!) It was also a great way to teach my expectations for using my interactive whiteboard marker. I always have the students vote on which Champ we are going to use. They come up to the board and make a tally beside their vote. Then, we count and find out our winner!

This picture is from last year. Our first Champ for this year is McPufferson!
(I may have swayed their voting a little bit!!)

I seem to have a very chatty class this year, so I'm going to try incorporating GoNoodle as an incentive. We'll still do our regular brain breaks throughout the day, but I'd like for them to earn some back-to-back breaks or an indoor recess brain break. I'm going to use this super cute ten frame chart from Little Warriors to help my students see how close (or far) they are from earning their reward! They can earn a Champ on the chart when everyone is on task, following directions, walking quietly in line, etc. I want to make it a class effort and have them working together to earn this reward!

We live in Florida, so for the majority of the school year it is blazing hot outside and we need time to cool off when we come in from the playground. One of the ways I'm going to help facilitate our 'cool down, calm down' time is by playing one of GoNoodle's calming brain breaks. One of my absolute favorites is from Koo Koo Kanga Roo, called Chillax. Another favorite of mine is Airtime. My students are already begging to do more "bubble breathing" (that's what we call it!) so they can see where our next stop is.

Want some of your own GoNoodle swag?! You could win 25 GoNoodle pencils by entering the giveaway below!

Did you know there is a GoNoodle shop where you can get all kinds of fabulous GoNoodle swag??!! Head on over and do some shopping because you'll get 15% off using this promo code: BTSwithGoNoodle
(Code is valid until Sept. 11th)

Make sure you head over to GoNoodle's blog to see more back to school blogger blitz posts!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School Bash with The Primary Pack!

Our hop is a 3…2…1… BACK TO SCHOOL BASH because each member of The Primary Pack will be giving you 3 teacher tips, 2 giveaways (one on each of our blogs and one BIG one on The Primary Pack), and 1 freebie!

To enter our BIG giveaway, you need to head over to THE PRIMARY PACK first! As you "hop" through each of our blogs, you will collect a letter from each of us… 28 total. Those letters spell out a secret code that you need to enter our BIG giveaway! You will use the secret code to enter the rafflecoptor on The Primary Pack at the end of the hop.
 You need to collect the letters from us IN ORDER, so please make sure that you start from the beginning of our hop. Click on the button below to head over to THE PRIMARY PACK and start our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH!!

Use Dropbox!
Are you tired of carrying a flash drive to and from school (I know they are small, but still!!!) or maybe you're like me...I used to email myself files that I would need access to at school so I could download them when I was there.
Use Dropbox to store files that you need access to. Just head to their website and log in when you are at school and you can download all of the files you have stored on there! I put tons of my files from home into my semi-organized Dropbox folders so I can quickly find them without having to search through my TpT purchases and re-download the product or send myself an email!
You can get can 2GB of storage using their free account. Click here to get an account if you don't already have one! 

Use table trash buckets!
Sorry, this was the best picture I could find! I usually move them out of the way when I take pictures!
I have a table trash bucket on each table. I bought the one pictured from Dollar Tree - it was a 2-pack. We recycle at my school so I teach the students to put all of their paper trash in there and to empty it in our recycling bin when it's full (or I have students who arrive early do it for each table). It's so much easier to have them clean up their scraps and put it in the bucket than to walk it across the room to the recycling/trash can!

Have a drawer with yummy goodies!
I keep a stash of chocolate in my desk drawer for those times when I need a little pick me up! I'm a chocoholic so a small piece of chocolate can go a long way in making me feel better!

Make sure you collect all the letters IN ORDER throughout this hop and then enter to win a Silhouette Cameo over on The Primary Pack!!!

I love using my alphabet watches as we learn our letters! I have them work on these after the playground as a calm down activity. They have to tell me the letter name, sound, and something that starts with that letter as I tape the watch on their wrist. I love these because they go home each day wearing our letter of the day!

Click here or on the image below to grab this exclusive freebie!!

Here's my letter!! Write it down and head over to the next stop!

Your next stop is Kennedy's Korner!