Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holidays Are Here ~ Pinterest Favorites!

Happy Holidays everyone! Today I'm posting over on my collaborative blog The Primary Pack! In case you don't follow us, [I forgive you] here's my post!
Click on the pictures to see the pins. It'll bring to you to my new Holidays are Here board where I've gathered all my favorite holiday pins in one place for easy repinning!

I love hot chocolate!! It is my go-to drink during the chilly Florida winter days (yes, there was some sarcasm there!) This is such a cute idea for student gifts or to make at home with your own kids during the break!

So I obviously have a thing for mason jars! These are such a cute and simple way to decorate for the holidays! 

I keep all of the holiday cards we receive on our mantle, but I love this idea of putting them on your kitchen cabinets! So simple!!

This is a brilliant idea!! Put all of the holiday cards together in a little book and save them each year.

I know most of us are already on winter break, but my Holidays Print and Go pack really saved me the last couple weeks before break!! No prep printables that I could hand off to my students for some independent work time or homework. (I'm currently working on a winter-themed print and go pack!)

Make sure you visit my Holidays are Here board for more fun ideas and follow me while you're there!!
I'd love to see some of your favorite holiday pins! Leave it in the comments so I can repin to my board and we can get some new holiday time ideas!

Yes I know, something is missing here... 
all the yummy holiday foods!
Well, make sure you head over to The Primary Pack on Monday for my good friend and fellow Pack lady, Kelly from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten. She'll be posting all her favorite holiday food and recipe pins!


  1. I stayed up until 11pm making those reindeer cocoa treats for my kids the night before the last day of school & I FORGOT them! I had to tell the kids they will get a gift after the holidays :-(

    1. Oh no!!! They'll still love them when they return from the break! :)