Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Love a Good Deal!

Hey all!! If you're following me on Facebook and IG, then you may have seen me posting pics today about some deals at Staples! This got me thinking... I hope all my teacher friends know about the amazing deals that Staples offers! So I'm here today to share with you some of the deals I've gotten in the past couple months!

I check the coupons on often! (which is where the coupon above can be found) I'm also on their email list so I get notice of deals and sales on a weekly basis. I was super excited this morning when I saw another rebate for paper! They have these coupons and rebates often, but haven't had any since back to school time. My backup, backup paper supply was running low so this was perfect timing!
Another thing about these coupons... They release them fairly often but it's usually only a small window in which you can use it. However, each time they put out a new coupon, it's a different coupon code and a different rebate code. So every time a new coupon comes out, you're eligible for the rebate even if you used the previous coupon. Make sense?!

Here's how the rebates work...
You can get 4 of the same rebate per household. I always print 4 coupons and they will usually scan them all in 1 transaction (even though the coupon says 1 per customer) - sometimes you can even just use 1 coupon and they will scan it 4 times. The coupon will discount the paper, so today I paid $2.81 for each ream of paper. Bring home your rebate receipt and go to your computer right away! You'll have your rebate entered in under 5 minutes! You'll head to Staples Easy Rebates, click 'store purchase,' enter in your rebate offer number and ID number from the receipt, your personal info, hit submit, and you're done! (Because I do the rebates so often, I set up my account so I can click 'Retrieve' and then log in and it'll bring up all my personal info so I don't have to retype it each time).

The rebates for these single reams will arrive within 4-6 weeks as a check. Rebates for the larger cases and 5-ream packs will come as a Visa debit card. I don't care either's money back in my pocket! (I usually save the Visa cards and use them to buy ink!)

(As I'm typing this blog post, I just got the email that my rebate has already been processed. I submitted it an hour and a half ago! Amazing!! See you soon rebate check!)

Sadie approves of my amazing paper deal!! She even gave it a taste test to make sure it was legit. 

If you don't have a Staples rewards card, GET ONE!! I recycle all my ink there so I get ink rewards plus rewards for all my purchases. I kept this $6 in rewards for future use because I had $11 in other rewards that I put towards my purchase today!

 The main reason why I went to Staples today was to get my lesson book bound into a spiral notebook. I had the pages printed, laminated, and ready to go for some time now. I wanted to make sure my schedule wasn't going to change...again... and then I would get it bound. Well, 2 weeks turned into 4 weeks, and that turned into the first 9 weeks of school. But, I got it done and I'm super happy with how it turned out! The binding cost less than $5!

While I was there today, I saw this great deal on Flair Pens. I had to practice some restraint because I already have 2 full packs and had a parent buy me a 4-pack recently. You'll be happy to know, I walked out with these (but I'm seriously thinking of going back and getting them this week....who knows when you'll need a new pack of Flair Pens?!)

Here's one of my summer deals! (Told you I had a full pack of Flair Pens already!) I got the binder, Flair Pens, and Sharpies for $11! That binder starts out at about $9 to begin with!! Here's how it went down... There was a coupon on for 50% off Avery binders. If you bring in an old binder to recycle you can trade it in for $2 off when buying a new binder. I also had coupons from for the pens and Sharpies.

Well, now you know what a steals and deals nerd I am!! I love finding coupons and ways to save money! I hope you have a Staples nearby so you can take advantage of these deals. If not, you can always order online (in the US)!!
(Sorry my international and Canadian friends! You'll just have to come visit!)


  1. Flair pens are a weakness of mine too!

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