Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School Sale!

Linking up with Sun, Sand & Second Grade!

These are some of the items on my wish list 
and going in to my cart!

I'm in love with Tara West's close read packs! I have her Kindergarten fiction pack and a sample of the nonfiction close reads. This is a must have for me this sale!!
{Click here to see this pack.}

While I was in Tara West's store I saw this great pack and knew I had to have it!
{Click here to see it.}

A couple other things in my cart right now will be for creations I make for all of you!! I'm loving Jena Hudon's (from Sew Much Music) scribbles and neons, so these are in my cart!

These are the most wish listed items from my store!
I'm not surprised that the top 3 items people have wish listed from my store are brag tags! The brag tags have been a huge hit this summer!
(Want to know more about brag tags? Check out my blog post here.)

This was the first pack of brag tags I made and they are my most popular! I have made lots of other brag tag packs so be sure to check them out!

I can't wait to use these this year to reward students for completing their homework each month!!

These tags are fairly primary-based....BUT I had a request for some academic tags for older children. I've wanted to make those for awhile, so now I get to brainstorm some ideas!

Here's one of my newest products that will help you out with back to school!
Behavior Calendars for the whole year! They can be edited to add in notes, days off from school, behavior chart exceptions, whatever you need!

Check out these great tips to get the most out of the sale!!!

 Thank you Adventures in Kinder and Beyond for the great tips!

I will leave you with this man candy...

Thank you A Classroom Full of Smiles for this amazingness!!

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