Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It - Finally!

I finally made it to a Monday Made It linky party with 4th Grade Frolics!!
(Took me long enough...and I actually almost forgot!)

I jumped on the spray painting bandwagon because who wouldn't want to be on that wagon?! I found cheap, wooden letters at Michael's. I had 25% off my entire purchase and one set of the letters was on clearance so the bargain hunter in me was very happy! I bought 3 cans of spray paint at Lowe's (believe me, I wanted to buy many more) and I was able to use my military dependent ID (thank you hubby!) to get a discount! (More bargain hunter happiness!)
So what did I make? READ it for yourself!

Ta da!! I plan on sticking them to the wall in my library corner. They are pretty lightweight so I'm thinking the sticky stuff from 3M hooks will hold them up.

Now that I have 3 cans of spray paint, the possibilities are endless! I have a list of things I want to spray now...

On Saturday we had some people over for a pool party. It was more of an event for a group my husband is a part of. Still, I needed to put my mark on this party so invited a couple teacher friends and then I created signs!! My husband even requested the "leave your shoes" sign.
If only the recycling sign had worked better....I still found myself picking food garbage out by the end of the night.

Now let's talk food... I maybe overdid it on the food but I have all these "party time" recipe pins that I never get to use! So, I made a cucumber salsa (top right picture), corn salad (bottom left picture in the bowl), but the best by far were the antipasti salami cup bites. I made 24 and they were gone before I could have a 3rd!! I'll definitely be making those again! 
If you're curious, here's the recipe - Antipasti Salami Cup Bites

Well, that's it for me this week, but I'm just happy I finally made it to the Monday party!


  1. I love that you put your "teacher mark" on the party! Your food looks delicious!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Welcome to the spray painting bandwagon. I hopped on this summer and I am constantly find more stuff to paint. LOVE IT! Your letters turned out super cute. :)

    1. Thanks!! I can't believe all the things I have that can be spray painted! I've been avoiding going into my classroom but I really want to go just to get things to spray! :)

  3. I love all of your signs! We went to a kid's birthday party at our neighbors yesterday and the mom said she made all the signs just for me...ha ha.
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. Thanks!! I guess teachers and signs just go together :)

  4. Just pinned those salami bites. They look so yummmmmy!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. They were delicious!! Pretty easy to make too :)