Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Bloggin' - Worksheet Wednesday!

Linking up with The Teaching Tribune once again today! I'm loving this summer bloggin' goodness! (Even though my summer won't start until after my teacher work day on Monday...)

Sometimes we all need a little worksheet (or "printable" as I like to call them!) 
Today I have a one page freebie for you from my Write the Room Recording Pages pack!

If you've been following me, then you know I have a thing for write the room! I just love this station and so do my kids! I have new words up for them to write almost every week and of course there are lots of other words around the room for them to find. This year I decided to add fun glasses to my write the room station - Dollar Tree and Target dollar section are a gem!

How cute is this?!

Here's my freebie for you! Just click here or on the image to download this simple recording page. Copy and put on a clipboard and your kids are ready to write the room!

You can check out the full pack in my store by clicking here
or grab the full Write the Room bundle here!

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