Monday, June 23, 2014

Fantastic Fans Giveaway!

I can't believe I've hit these amazing milestones!!! I am SO thankful for all of you, my fantastic fans! Thank you for all of your support, status likes, IG likes, comments, and everything you do that makes me feel so special! It makes me smile to know that there are educators out there using my ideas and products in their classrooms. I know everyone says this, but I really never thought I'd have so many followers and meet so many wonderful people in such a short amount of time. I love this new blogging/TpT-ing/Facebook-ing/ Instagram-ing/Pinning (you get it) world that I've entered! I hope the fun never ends!!

On to the giveaways!
I'm super excited to do this giveaway! It's my first big giveaway and there's lots of great products from some amazing teachers!! There's 2 giveaways you can enter - one for Kindergarten and one for 1st-2nd grade. Each teacher has already selected a fantastic product for you to win plus you'll win $10 to spend in my TpT store! The giveaway starts today and will end on Friday!


*1st - 2nd Grade*

Good luck and thank you for being a fan!!!
Graphics from Graphics from the Pond
Fonts from my dear friend Mrs. Leeby


  1. This looks great Elyse! Thanks for including me! I appreciate the opportunity!

  2. Congrats on the milestones, Elyse! I had no idea I wasn't following you on TPT! I feel like a bad bloggy friend so I hurried and followed and made it 251 followers. Yay for you!!
    Missing Tooth Grins

    1. Thanks Alisha! And you're a great bloggy friend :) :)