Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th Be With You!

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I have seen the movies (well, the more recent ones at least) and I just love this idea ... I think you will too! Check out my top 4 best sellers and even grab a freebie! And did I mention that all of these products will be discounted today ONLY?! 
May the FOURTH be with you!!

Shape Sorting Mats

These shape sorting mats are a main attraction in my math centers! The mats have two different types of sorting. My students love using different shape manipulatives to sort. Don't have shapes to sort? Laminate and have students use a dry erase marker to draw or write shapes or have students bring in real world shapes to sort on the mats. Click here to check out them out!

Brag Tags

{Classroom Behaviors}
Brag Tags are a new behavior incentive I started using this year. My students get super excited when they get a chance to earn a new brag tag to hang on their backpack. It's a super cheap and easy way to reward students! I'm working on making more brag tags for next year. If you have an idea for some tags, leave it in the comments!

Click here to see all my Brag Tag products!

The Classroom Behavior Brag Tags are my best seller, but I wanted to share this super fun idea with you so ALL of my brag tags are discounted!

Tags in picture are all in my store!
{Rockstar Student, I Lost a Tooth, Homework Club, Green Team}

{Click on the images to get your freebie brag tags!}

Spring Write the Room

This activity has been a big hit this spring! It's one of my favorites too because I love all things spring! My kiddos absolutely love write the room ... I mean, what kid doesn't love to walk around the room with a clipboard?! My students also get to wear fun glasses and use pens, oh my! This Spring Write the Room activity has 14 pictures and 3 recording sheets for differentiation. Click here to see more!

Write the Room Recording Pages

Again with write the room! I just can't help it - it's our favorite station! This pack is a big collection of recording pages for any write the room activity. So far I have 25 pages in this pack but I've been adding more as I think of ideas so buy it now because the price may go up if I add a bunch more! Click here!

{Check back tomorrow for an entire post all about this awesome pack and a freebie!}


  1. wow! Elyse, these are AWESOME! I just added 3 of your products to my cart :) I am teaching K next year (new school, new grade level) and think the brag tags, write around the room, and shape sort will be super! Many thanks!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! I love Kindergarten...I hope you will too!! My kids go nuts over the brag tags. I love it! Thanks for your support! Now I need to go check yours out :)

  2. Elyse,
    I LOVE the brag tags!! What an awesome and easy idea!
    Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Kelly! It really is pretty easy and fun too! I love that my kiddos get excited over a laminated piece of paper! Oh, the little things :)