Saturday, May 31, 2014

3-2-1 Sale!

I cannot believe today is the last day of May! This school year has flown by! I have 5 more days (well, technically 4 1/2)!!

So for this last day of May, I decided to have a little sale in my store. I know I'm already thinking about things I want for next year and getting some new ideas so here's your time to stock up and save! Stephanie, or Mrs. D as we know her, over at Mrs. D's Corner had this wonderful idea for a 3-2-1 sale! Certain items in our stores will be marked down for today only to $3, $2, or $1!

Check out what's on sale in my store!!

I don't think it's ever been this discounted! Grab it now because I'll be adding more activities to this over the summer!!

Includes handwriting pages - perfect for the start of next year!

Looking for a new reward system for next year? Look no further! ALL of my Brag Tag packs are on sale today for only $1 each!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of the Year Celebration Alphabet-Style!

At my old school I never needed to have a big end of the year celebration with the families because after a music show we did around mid-May, all the families came back to the classroom for a little gathering. So this year, I started panicking because I needed to think of something to do with my kiddos and their families to culminate this wonderful year in Kindergarten!

Enter my blog and Facebook stalking and my Pinterest addiction and I found the perfect idea - an alphabet party! I first saw this idea over at Kinder Alphabet and I fell in love! 

And so, the planning began!

I could picture everything I wanted to do in my head but I really needed to slow down and figure it all out. First things first, I just had to create these super cute glittery alphabet labels that I could use for the party and then also use again for a word wall, literacy station games, and more! When these letters popped out of my printer I couldn't believe how awesome they looked!

Here are the labels printed and cut out on the day of the party! Then all I did was tape the letters and what item they were for onto jumbo popsicle sticks. Easy peasy prep!

You can grab these glittery alphabet labels in my store!

So what did we have at this alphabet celebration you ask? Well, not every letter of the alphabet was present...that was just too much for my brain to handle!
We had apples for A, of course ... A is for Apples!
You can see my list of items and download it here!

I also created a freebie for you if you'd like use these labels for a party of your own! It is an editable PowerPoint file so you can type your items directly onto the labels!
Click on the image to get your freebie or click {here}!

Here's my set up! (minus the apples for A which were still in the fridge!) 
All of the buckets, bowls, and plates are from The Dollar Tree (except the striped plates). Since it's almost summer they had all their fun summer items out and I had to make some tough decisions on what I needed and what I just wanted!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Reading Linkup!

I was so excited this morning when I saw the Summer Reading linky from The Hands-On Teacher in First! I am a huge bookworm! Thankfully there was no school today because I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to finish a book!

I posted this picture on Facebook just last week. I stopped by the library after school and decided it was close enough to summer that I should start stocking up on books! Yes, I read YA and no, I'm no ashamed! I used to be really into romance novels but The Hunger Games series and the Divergent series rocked my world and got me into the dystopia genre and that turned into loving almost anything young adult! (Hey, I'm still pretty young by most standards and I look about 16 years old anyways...)

The book I just finished last night was called Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor. It was a backwards dystopia about two teens who grew up on an island on their own and then get rescued and have to learn how to live in current day California. There's twists and turns, of course... it was a really interesting, quick read!

Right now I'm a couple chapters into The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith. I've read of few of her books and they are always sweet, heartfelt, easy to read books.

(Click on these 2 book covers to take go to their Goodreads page with a synopsis and reviews.)

Next I'll read Take a Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg. I've had it on my to-read list for a little while and it must be a popular one because there's library holds so I can't renew it. That makes my decision easier for what to read next!

Below are the other 3 I got from the library recently but this is just a start for me! Once summer is officially underway (8 1/2 more days!) I'll be able to read a book in about a day or two if it's a really good one. I'll be at the library at least once a week! I'm sure my husband would love if I'd read some of the books I actually own since I'm a book hoarder, but I just love the look of a full bookshelf!


A couple summers ago I got addicted to Goodreads and it was the best thing to ever happen to me! 

{Click the image to head on over and create a free account if you don't already have one!!}

I can catalog all the books I'm currently reading, want to read, and have read. You can also create your own "bookshelves" so I have one for all the books that I own because there's too many to remember! If you're on Goodreads, follow me so that I can follow you back! I'm always interested in what other people are reading.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what's on your summer reading list! Happy Reading!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Who do I admire? (and a giveaway!!)


I love linking up with Amanda from The Primary Gal! She has so many fun ideas and gets so much done...I don't know how she does it! I love this secret admirer idea! Get ready to hear all about the blogger that I admire and enter a giveaway!

So...did you figure out who I admire?!


It's Elyse over at Proud to be Primary!

Proud to be Primary

Every time I see a post from Elyse, I have to do a double take because I always think it's me! I rarely ever meet anyone with my name, especially the same exact spelling...and the same initials! So cool!!

Elyse was gracious enough to contribute her amazing All About Frogs pack for me to use and review! My students had already used her All About Chickens activities so we were ready for the frogs! I am OBSESSED with these packs! They are chock full of resources for weeks of learning! Sadly, I had lots of testing to finish up the last couple weeks but I managed to squeeze in as much of this frog pack as I could! I'll be finishing up the rest next week!

We started off by creating a K-W-L chart as a class on what we already knew about frogs and what we wondered. Then my students started their own 
K-W-L. I love how this page allows for differentiation without needing separate papers! Students can write in complete sentences, make a list, or draw pictures.


Next came the frog life cycle. This pack has everything you need to teach the life cycle - mini poster, fact sheet, and printables! There's also picture cards, life cycle books, and a life cycle craft.
After we read the fact sheet and reviewed the poster, I hung them on the board for students to reference. Then I set them off to recreate the life cycle on their own. Again, this page allows for easy differentiation! Students can cut apart the parts of the life cycle and the word labels to create the cycle OR they can keep them together to make it a little bit easier to create the cycle.

This student saw me taking pictures and decided to make hers extremely colorful! She worked really hard instead of going to her "social center" (our 20 minutes of "social/play time" at the end of the day). I just had to share hers!

Next up was a graphic organizer to sort all the information we had learned so far about frogs! The headings are a part of the pack plus it includes the words "tadpoles" too! (I didn't want to start a brand new pad of paper with only a few short days left so I used the back cardboard piece, ha!)

 My students had to write at least 2 facts and then they could draw pictures to show the rest. They always seem to take me up on the drawing offer!

I love all the arrows on this one!

Did I mention how many amazing activities are in this one pack?! I even printed off a page to use for homework! This "Read and Answer" about the frog's life cycle was perfect to send home to help students work on comprehension. I printed the follow up questions on the back and sent it off in their folders. Many actually brought theirs back the next day...shocking!!

There's still more from Elyse's All About Frogs pack that we haven't even gotten to yet! I love this fact sheet. I have this one copied and ready to go at the end of our unit. I'll have my students complete this page along with filling in the "L" on the KWL page.

Another amazing poster from the pack!

There are seriously SO many awesome pages and resources in this pack that I could be here all day telling you about it! Check out the giveaway below to enter to win a copy of this amazing pack or head on over to Proud to be Primary to check it out for yourself! I'm telling you, you will not be sorry with this purchase! You'll be hooked and want all of Elyse's packs like this one (trust me...I'm now an "All About..." pack addict and have them all on my wish list for future purchases!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I must confess...

After hysterically laughing at Jennifer's confessions over at Rowdy in First Grade I just had to link up and make my own confessions! 

So here we go...

1. I rolled my eyes several times today when no one was looking, but then I yelled at a student for rolling her eyes at me!
2. I have recycled lots of homework...and by lots I mean all of it since oh, January? February? (The fact that I can't remember means it's been awhile...)
3. I'm kind of looking forward to doing reading assessments tomorrow and sending my kids off to their literacy stations and math centers so that I don't have to actually teach...
4. I'm sick of hearing these words: rubric, rigor, differentiate, evaluation
5. I open and close some emails just so it will show that I "read" it.
6. My voice gets very loud when I'm telling my students that their voices are too loud.
7. I stay on the playground longer than my scheduled time...every day.
8. We've been doing lots of brain breaks on GoNoodle recently...a brain break after each activity can't hurt, right?
9. I decided I'm going to use comp time to leave 15-30 minutes early once or twice a week for the rest of the school year!

And there you have it! I'm sure I have many more confessions but I'll leave it at that for now. Feel free to leave your confession in the comments!! I'd love to hear it!

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Best for the Best!

The awesome Amy over at Teaching in Blue Jeans set up this amazing blog hop and giveaway for all of you incredible teachers out there! You are all the best so here's our best for you!

Here's my best for you!
Click on the image to see the full product in my store!

My Write the Room Recording Pages are a big seller in my store! If I had to guess, I'd think it's because even I would love to put on funny glasses, grab a pen and clipboard, and walk around the room. My students love being out of their seats and this gives them a reason! Write the room is definitely a favorite in my classroom. My students look forward to their turn at this station more than any other one! I have some teacher friends who also use write the room as an activity for students to do when they finish work early. I always have a stack of these write the room pages with my clipboards so my students can use them with any extra time we have.

This pack has 25 recording pages that can be used for any write the room activity. Check out the pictures below to see just a few of the pages!

Recording page numbered 1-20
There are also pages numbered 1-5 and 1-10.

Alphabet recording page
Also included are pages for finding and sorting words that start with vowels and words that have vowels.

Recording page to find words with 2, 3, 4, and 5 letters. 
There's also a version of this page with blanks for how many letters so you or the student may fill it in!

There's a recording page for each month of the year! There are 2 copies on each page to help save some paper. I printed mine on colored paper to make it more festive!

If you like what you see, grab it now! It's cheaper TODAY than it will be for the TpT Teacher Appreciation sale! But only for today!!
I'll be adding pages to this pack as more ideas come to me. If you have a great idea, just leave it in the comments for me!

Click on the image to get your freebie!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Continue on The Best for the Best Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop by clicking the picture below!